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Parallel Parking

long line of parallel parked cars To some one of the most troubling and also most gratifying of all driving skills is the ability to parallel park. In urban areas where parking along the curb is the only place to park, placing your car along the curb between two other cars is a necessity of everyday life. Doing it gracefully and with little or no stress can be an art form. Follow these simple directions and you will be a pro in no time.
. First pull up to the empty spot and measure the gap between the cars. You will need at least a foot or two of space in front and behind your bumpers in order to fit into the space.
. Now pull your car up alongside the car in front of your space so you’re two feet away from it, your front bumpers aligned. Put your foot on the brake and the car in reverse.
3. Lift your foot off the brake, while looking over your shoulder start backing slowly, and start turning the wheel aiming the back of your car toward the rear corner of the space.
When your front seat is in line with the rear bumper of the front car, stop and turn the steering wheel to begin slowly straightening the tires. Continue backing at this angle until your front fender just clears the rear fender of the front car. Back up as far as possible without touching the car behind you.
. Now turn the wheel and pull forward to straighten out. Your car should now be about six inches from the curb, and parallel to it. You might have to pull forward, but if you have followed these steps, you should be parked snugly between the two cars.