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Four Way Stops

Four way stop at a intersectionThe situation of right of way is one of the more confusing and least understood situations that play out at a four way stop. To play by the rules nicely at a four way stops you must come to a complete stop, indicated by a slight lurch backwards as all tires stop moving forward. Look first for any pedestrians entering the crossing. In most situations a pedestrians in the crosswalk will have the right of way and you must yield to them first. The exception would be if they are crossing against oncoming traffic that has a green light, that kind of situation is dangerous to all involved and stopping to allow the pedestrian to cross is of course the correct thing to do, keep in mind it may put you and your vehicle in harms way as cars approach from the rear unaware of the situation. The rule is first come first to go, so pay attention as you approach the stop to see who else is approaching and who is already stopped. If 3 or more cars arrive at basically the same time the car to the right has the right of way. So if a car is to your right you must yield to it first. Then you can proceed. The most important rule is that most people don’t follow the rule, so always be prepared to yield if others who are not playing nicely.