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cartoon handing over the keys of the rental car One of the most important decisions to make when renting a car is whether or not to insure the car through the agency. If you are involved in an accident your insurance will most likely cover you for the limits on your policy minus any deductible,to be sure check with your insurance agent to confirm. Ask if your policy will also cover the rental vehicle for loss of use.
The cost of taking the rental agency insurance might really boil down to your budget and the amount of risk you are willing to assume. Another reason to consider in favor of accepting the rental agencies insurance is that you will not have to make a claim against your own insurance. Lets face it filing a claim most often leads to the dreaded rate increase that insurance companies generally render after a claim. That rate increase might be with you for a long time, much longer than the one time out of pocket expense for the additional rental insurance.
Check with your insurance agent before renting to make sure that you are indeed covered for Bodily Injury, Comprehensive and Collision and also ask if you are covered for loss of use before declining the insurance offered by the rental agent. Then make sure the rental car insurance provides a clause to cover loss of use for as long as the car will be out of service. Taking the rental cars insurance gives you an extra degree of peace of mind.
Your own insurance should have bodily injury, collision and comprehensive to be covered for unforeseen events while renting. Credit cards sometimes offer another solution; American Express and Diners Club offer limited coverage(Comprehensive & Collision)protection at a lower cost then the rental car agency, just make sure to contact your credit car company and ask if the rental car insurance option is included with your card.