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Eliminate Blind spots

sideveiw mirrorResearch by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) indicates that roughly 450,000 crashes occur per year due to drivers not seeing vehicles in their blind spots. An average of 428 of these crashes involve fatalities, making these the least deadly of the accident types the IIHS studied. However, almost all of us have experienced a near miss when a car was in our blind spot and we had to swerve or brake to avoid an ugly situation. Having a great field of vision around your vehicle is critical to having a safe driving experience. Most people adjust the side-view mirrors so that they can see the sides of the vehicle. This causes your side-view mirrors to overlap much of what is reflected by your rear-view mirror. This overlap creates blind spots at your doors. To set-up the mirrors properly, sit up straight in the driver’s seat and adjust the rear-view mirror so that it is centered on the rear window. This will give you the best possible view of traffic behind you. Next adjust the driver’s side mirror so that it is just beyond viewing the edge of the side of your car. Do the same on the passenger side. Because of the wider views on these mirrors, you can let a slight edge of the right side of the car show. Now you are ready to fine tune the mirrors in real traffic. The best place for this is on the highway with multiple lanes in each direction. Watch as the cars approach in the rear-view mirror and as one begins to pass you on the left you will see that it leaves the rear-view mirror but is picked up immediately in the driver’s side-view mirror. Continue tracking the car until it leaves the side-view and enters into your peripheral vision. Add a sideways glance to insure that there are no vehicles in you path. You have now tracked the car’s entire moving zone in your mirrors as it passed you. Repeat this process on the right side mirror. After practicing this on several cars as they pass, you will see that the blind spots can be completely eliminated. Just remember this is a three step process.

    1. The view of the vehicle leaves the rear-view mirror.

    2. It is picked up in the side-view mirror.

    3. When it leaves the side-view mirror, it is picked up in your peripheral vision or side vision, add a side glance for safety.