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Hey Florida Drivers! Are you ready to jazz-up that old vehicle of yours? Well guess what? You’re in luck! You’re getting a brand new license plate! But wait! There’s more!! And you know what? There actually is more, ladies and gentlemen. This plate may actually save lives and money too.
The State of Florida is in the process of changing their license plates to make them law enforcement and camera friendly plus streamline the flow of production and processing.
Florida last changed their plates in 2003. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) state law enforcement agencies have trouble with the current plates since some characters on the plate are hard to discern quickly. The ability to quickly read a plate is crucial when searching for a vehicle of a stranded or lost motorist or of someone suspected of a crime. The state collects fines from drivers when their plates are recorded by cameras as they run toll booths and red lights.
The new plates will have a simple block type against a simple background. The six digit code used now has nearly reached its limit of possible combinations so the new plates will change from a six digit code to a seven digit code to allow for almost infinite code variations. The DHSMV says the state is losing thousands of dollars in toll revenues each year from toll runners. Last year the state took in $101 million from traffic citations. The new plates will help eliminate problems reading the video image of plates recorded by cameras setup to catch traffic violations and also make them easier for the human eye to read.
Along with the new design the state is also considering a centralized plan for the distribution of the plates. Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles hope to start issuing the new plates for the next cycle of plates in 2014. Plates recycle every ten years on the anniversary of issuance. Florida drivers can now vote on the design they like best by visiting:
Specialty plates will still be available for those who wish to buy them. Specialty license plates cost a set fee (annually) above the standard Florida license plate and the fees vary based on the type of license plate. These additional funds go to support the cause for which the specialty license plate was designed.

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